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Show Recap – Breakfast Point Academy

Posted by on May 2, 2011

On April 22, 2011 the Science Brothers visited Breakfast Point Academy for the first time.The school is brand new and located behind Publix on Back Beach.

The day of the show was a beautiful day. The show’s format was our usual two show format with about 30 minutes in between to reset everything. The first show went as expected with the usual fanfare afterwards. Dan had a curious crowd mesmerized by the bubbly dry ice and I had a few asking questions about the Tesla Coil. The second show ended with a surprise onslaught of hugs from the kids. Started by one little girl, it quickly escalated to what seemed like all 200 students piling on for the group hug.

We also later received our first batch of fan mail, from Lori Horne’s kindergarten class. I have to say, just seeing this makes it all worth it. Check out the pictures below:

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